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The Shipyard Audio story. 

We are Shipyard Audio. An idea born in a pub, and raised in the studio. Simply put, our mission is to deliver exceptional sound, whatever the need may be.

Looking for a producer for your next summer banger? We got you. Need some sound design for that short you've made? You know who to call. 

Whether it's composition, sound design, mixing, mastering, or anything in between, the team at Shipyard is here to help. Unless we're in the pub... check back tomorrow.

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Meet The Team

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Matt Payne

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Matt was first introduced to Logic Pro at the age of 12, where he quickly learned he had a real knack for pushing buttons and making noise. He went on to study a Masters in Music and Sound, before landing himself a role at a prestigious London-based studio. Under the tutelage of award-winning composer Sefi Carmel, Matt continued to develop the tricks of the trade, and had the privilege to work with clients such as Waste Creative (Clash of Clans) and Steam Motion and Sound, as well as countless artists. He has also worked on feature films such as Legacy of Lies and Secret Magic Control Agency for Netflix.


Ollie Lloyd

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Ollie Lloyd is a music composer currently based in Hertfordshire/London, UK. His style includes cinematic soundtracks, modern pop music and tension music amongst many other different styles. Ollie’s latest album ‘The View From Above’ combines classical, panoramic ambience and soundtrack for epic landscapes. Ollie was brought up in a family of musicians and has grown up immersed in a range of different styles and genres. From a young age Ollie has always had an interest in music through his multi-instrumentation including piano and guitar. Ollie is a Music Composition Masters graduate.

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